Sr. Art Director

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | Full-time


The senior art director is in a leadership, but not managerial, role within the team. To operate at the Senior Art Director level, one must show mastery of all requirements of an art director, plus these basic skills:

  • Be able to concept and visually express creative concepts without much direct guidance
  • Produce client-ready work, meaning that you can check yourself against the brief and take ownership and responsibility for your work
  • Demonstrate exceptional proficiency in creating visual executions
  • Be valued as a strong contributor to the team
  • Be able to work in a diversity of styles
  • Exhibit a full understanding of a brief and the communication hierarchy
  • Be the keeper of the visual identity for your team; have a command over the visual vocabulary for your brand
  • Be able to build up basic ideas and take an idea to the next level
  • Show success in the mentoring as well as development of junior members of the team
  • Begin to be able to interview potential candidates and discern whether they would be an asset to Moosylvania
  • Begin to be proactive in seeking broader opportunities for growth
  • Begin to look for opportunities outside of what you are asked to do – use your understanding of the business and your client’s brand to bring these opportunities to the team
  • Continue to hone presentation skills, present with the proper attitude and energy, and begin to articulate your creative decisions, as supported by strategy/direction from the brief
  • Begin to establish working relationships with the client